Stop the Use of Secret Profiling Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools!

There is a huge push to use algorithms to solve our criminal justice problems.  Proponents and proprietors of such risk assessment tools think they can use computers to replace common sense and judicial discretion, all while preserving such abstract but important concepts such as justice.

When it comes to getting out on bail pending trial, states and jurisdictions are moving to require an algorithm to evaluate criminal defendants to decide if they get bail or not, and if they do, whether they’ll have their blood chemistry monitored, be on a GPS unit, or be subject to house arrest.  Yet, there has been widespread criticism that such algorithms are inherently biased.  In addition, algorithms that lack full transparency and are protected trade secrets are being used in jurisdictions all over the country preventing judges, defense lawyers, and prosecutors from seeing behind the curtain.  In one landmark study of the use of such algorithms, they didn’t decrease mass incarceration at all, only having a “trivial” decrease in the jail population.

These dangerous risk assessments need to finally be scrutinized and limited in their use and scope before it's too late.  Join us in TAKING ACTION to let lawmakers and state officials know that we OPPOSE these dangerous and reckless programs

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