Senate Bill 10 is a radical shift in California’s criminal justice system that is a bipartisan bad idea.  This is why similar legislation was rejected by the California Assembly last year.  But, the push for Senate Bill 10 is continuing and will most likely go to a floor vote despite secret meetings and changes to the legisation, and Californians need to be aware of what Senate Bill 10 does and to let their voices be heard on it.

Senate Bill 10 relies on using computerized risk algorithms to determine who gets bail in California.  Yet, there have been serious criticisms of such algorithms from several different viewpoints.  In fact, 115 Civil Rights Groups have come out in opposition to pretrial risk assessments over concerns of racial disparity and increase incarceration. 

Senate Bill 10 also creates pre-conviction probation statewide in California creating massive governmental control over pretrial defendants burdened with onerous conditions of release and modern day e-carceration tools in the form of ankle monitors and other devices.

Senate Bill 10 is too radical for California.  Take action to stop it, and let the California Assembly now is not time for this dangerous legislation.

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Help protect our communities and stop the cycle of more incarceration and TAKE ACTION here to email your representatives, senators and elected officials to SAY NO to Senate Bill10. 

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