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House Bill 439 Will Not Work for Ohio: 

House Bill 439 creates a wholesale change to the bail system with an UNPROVEN method that will put victims of crime at unnecessary risk, limit and undermine the judges’ discretion, change the way our hard-working law enforcement officials apprehend criminals, and eliminate the state’s accountable commercial bail system all together.

House Bill 439 is a DISTRACTION from true, effective bail reform efforts that ensure fairness, consistency and justice for crime victims in Ohio’s courts of law.

  • In Ohio’s current bail system, risk assessment of the accused is already performed in each step of the apprehension and hearing process. 
  • The Courts use bond schedules that identify how much bail should be charged for defendants accused of various offenses - and already consider a variety of factors.
  • House Bill 439 is transferring the cost of "free" bail from the offender to the taxpayer.
  • The legislation eliminates bond schedules and replaces them with an unproven “risk assessment tool” that uses a black-box algorithm to determine a suspect’s risk of flight, thereby removing judicial discretion and the human element of decision making.
  • The implementation of a risk assessment tool will increase the failure-to-appear and re-arrest rates for new crimes. 

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